Gawking over the Gaultier Exhibit

Every year when holiday season rolls around, I fly to Dallas, TX to visit my relatives. While there I went to the Dallas Museum of Art to see the exhibit “The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier: From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk.” I was not expecting there to be too many pieces, but I was blown away by its size. And not only that, every single piece was absolutely incredible. I got to see up close the intricate design and meticulous work that is put into his couture shows. It was simply incredible. On top of that I learned so much about the designer and his appreciation of personal style and uniqueness. I had no idea he was so infuential throughout the late twentieth century (i.e.: Madonna’s cone bra!). I was in awe the entire time.

Technically, I wasn’t allowed to take pictures. But, come on, how could I resist? They aren’t the clearest as I had to be super sneaky with my phone. But here is just some of the amazing haute couture creations of the ingenious Gaultier.

If you want to know more about the exhibit here’s a link to the museum website!

Jean Paul Gaultier at the Dallas Museum of Art

Madonna's Famous Cone Bra!

The cheetah on this dress is made entirely of beading. It took over 1000 hours to make!

This sparkly, skeletal bodysuit was one of my favorites from the exhibition.

A display of the incredible corsets he created.

Such a cool decorated men's jacket.


From Tacky to Trendy

If there was one fad this holiday season, it had to be tacky Christmas sweaters. Not only were tacky sweater parties, but there were sweaters all over the media and many tacky clad-celebrities. Now, I love a tacky Christmas sweater, but why wear it only once a year? I found this lovely number while thrifting one afternoon last year. Even though the Santa’s and snowflakes are M.I.A., I feel it’s a nice mix of part tacky holiday season and part winter lodge chic. To bring out the Ralph Lauren side to this outfit, I paired it with my ever-classic Coach riding boots that I found (way on sale!) at DSW. Like any great investment in boots, it was love at first stride. I love wearing this outfit because it’s extremely comfortable and it’s a way to show one of my thrifted treasures. Here’s my interpretation of a tacky Christmas sweater gone casual everyday ensemble. And in keeping with the outdoor mood this was shot in my front yard. It may not be the most mountainous, but let’s just pretend.

Perfectly Asymmetrical

This is one of my favorite skirts ever. I was in London over the summer and had the privilege of going to the Topshop flagship store. It was the most gigantic store I had ever seen. I was in heaven, but it was almost overwhelming. As I was wandering through the racks admiring everything in sight, I spotted this little number. This cream asymmetrical skirt screamed at me, “we’re a perfect match!” Agreed.

My friend had a dinner party this weekend, and I went running to my closet to wear my Topshop treasure. I paired it with black tights, black wedge booties, and black sweater. In channeling the amazing Carrie Bradshaw, I went for bold accessories. I piled on some gold bracelets, a long strand of pearls, a vintage ring, and some huge (and heavy) gold earrings of my mom’s in the eighties. I do kind of wish I was wore my cheetah sweater with it to add something extra, but oh well. Wearing this skirt makes me so happy. I can’t wait to wear it more in the future!

Stumbling Upon Perfection

I still remember flipping through the pages of my mom’s InStyle magazine a few years ago. I was casually admiring the famous faces and the beautiful clothes they had the privilege of sporting. As I glanced over what was just another glossy page, I saw it: the most glamorous evening ensemble I had ever seen.

The dark, side-swept bangs of the tall, slender woman hid confident, gazing eyes. This woman knew she was killing it. And I knew it too. Firstly, it was a jumpsuit. I had never seen one worn to a black-tie event in such a fashionable way. er effortless stance made it appear as an everyday look.  Secondly, the bodice was fitted and extremely flattering. Connected to it were sheer sleeves covered with dots which gave off subtle light. To me, the light appeared to be holy. Then I noticed the gorgeous draping of the pants. They fell in the most graceful places and were tapered to perfection.  And this woman didn’t forget about her feet. Her edgy, strappy sandals were the perfect compliment to the bold outfit. Lastly, the red lips read, “I’m fabulous,” and as I took in the medley of elegance, I was sold.

There are endless outfits that we can say we love. But there are even fewer that make our mouths drop and our fashion philosophy evolve. Liya Kedebe, the Ethiopian model donning this jumpsuit, made me stop and admire the stylish mix of all-black textures, the alluring effect of chic hair and makeup, and the subtle look-at-me vibe of a jumpsuit. I don’t know who designed the garment, but I do know that I will never forget this outfit.

A “Hot” Little Number

The spring runways brought us the hot pink lip, and slowly this trend has seeped into fashion itself. Hot pink has become a new way to make a bold statement. Brooklyn Decker takes it to a new level in this stunning Michael Kors. The long sleeves keep it chic along with a sleek crew neckline. But that slit up the front adds the perfect amount of sexiness. Having a killer body like that always helps too. Here is a perfect example of how to be sexy, yet still covered up. She also keeps it classy with a simple metallic clutch and subtle T-strap heels. The color is as bright as day, and she looks as hot as the sun.

Elie Saab. Enough Said.

I have fallen in love with Elie Saab. His line, that is. The gowns he creates are beyond beautiful. They have such an ethereal, fairytale feel, how can you not be dazzled? I’m determined to one day wear one of his dresses. It’s just fate. But until that happens I can only admire those who are blessed with Elie’s designs. Keira Kinghtley is wearing a dress from his 2011 Fall Couture line. The sharp hair and smoky makeup that she rocks add the perfect edge to the romantic frock. And I love the simple yet sophisticated shoe. As jealous as I am of Keira, she looks amazing.


Ah, I love this picture. I quickly sketched this picture of a woman smoking in a big fur coat. For the sake of the composition, my art teacher suggested I crop it down to her face. I immediately thought it looked 100x better. I love the expression on her face and the quickness seen in the pencil lines. Sketching is so fun because you get to capture the movement, value, and mood of a person without having to make it look like a masterpiece. Very therapeutic. This one’s going in the art portfolio!