Thanks Hurricane Irene

So as most of you (hopefully most of you), Huricane Irene came and wreaked havoc on us here on the East Coat this past weekend. And not basing this off of any other “Irene’s”, but she was a bitch. Trees are everywhere, power outtages are widespread, and bags of ice are flying off the shelves faster than Alexa Chung’s line for Madewell. Because there is no Internet, I can’t post any pictures, which frustrates me. I’m a visual person, and let’s face it: you guys want to see pictures of clothes and trends. (Am I wrong?) I can put wordy posts such as this one up from my iPhone, but for some reason I can’t put pictures up.
So, I’d just like to say I have to put a pause on the visual posting until a) Dominion Power does some serious business, b) the Internet magically restores itself, and c) I finish a butt load of summer work….


Living in and Loving Leather

Leather has recently become my new obsession. I have to admit it had a bad spell there around the new millennium, but now designers have managed to turn it into a cool way to make a statement. I’m all about statement-making and wearing leather in different ways is the way to do it. If it’s too out there for you, try some piping or pocket details that add an extra edge to your outfit. Here are some of my favorites ways to wear leather.

BB Dakota skirt

Asos crop tee

Alice & Olivia pleated skirt


Vince dress

Back to the 70s

Have you ever wondered what decade you’d go back to if you could time travel? For me, it’s hands down the seventies. I love the luxe fur and glamorous hair. Which is why this winter I can’t wait to wear one of my favorite coats of all time. I got this vintage 70s coat for Christmas when I was about 14 and didn’t know if I had reason to keep it. I followed my instincts because 1. it’s hard for me to let go of clothes and 2. I got a hunch I could wear it in the future. Turns out it was the smartest decision I ever made.


New Favorite App

So I stumbled across this app in the app store on my iPhone somehow, and I’m in love! It’s called Instagram and you can add cool, vintage-y effects to pictures and share them with other users. It’s like facebook and twitter combined with pictures! I may be totally late on this, but I had no idea this existed. So I’m informing other photography lovers that you need to get this app it’s free! Here are some photos I took (some on my trip to Europe this summer) with the filters.

Thrifted Finds

Hello friends! So today I was volunteering at a store called The Clothes Rack. They’re basically like a Goodwill or Salvation Army. While I was there I spotted these two accessories which will make a lovely addition to my fall wardrobe. I’m obsessed with the cranberry dark reddish color of the bag. And the belt is neon green, which kinda intimidates me… But I’m determined to wear it! Neon is so bold and I love making a statement. Tell me what you think!

Chanel Exhibit

I haven’t been able to post anything the passed few days because I was in Charlotte, NC visiting my brother. While I was there I went to a Chanel exhibit and the Mint Museum. It was such a good exhibit there were older ensembles designed by Chanel herself and newer ones designed by Lagerfeld. I learned some background information on her as well. Did anyone know she was exiled from Paris for having an affair with a Nazi officer? Even with this dent in her biography she had one of the most profound effects on modern fashion. Here are a  few pics I took with my phone at the exhibit. Enjoy!

An original box of Chanel No. 5; fun fact: one is sold every 55 seconds!

Some designs by Chanel, including signature "litte black dresses"


The Ever-fabulous Emma

I saw Emma Stone on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night and realized she is SO COOL. She’s the perfect mix between funny, down-to-earth and cool girl chic. She manages to pull off so much that I could only dream to. While keeping true to her style, she always keeps people guessing as to what she’s going to wear. And to me that’s what makes a style icon.

on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno

in Calvin Klein

Chanel Haute Couture

in Bottega Veneta

Chanel dress