Ah, I love this picture. I quickly sketched this picture of a woman smoking in a big fur coat. For the sake of the composition, my art teacher suggested I crop it down to her face. I immediately thought it looked 100x better. I love the expression on her face and the quickness seen in the pencil lines. Sketching is so fun because you get to capture the movement, value, and mood of a person without having to make it look like a masterpiece. Very therapeutic. This one’s going in the art portfolio!


Le Hand

I took pictures of my artwork for my art portfolio today and figured I’d like to share this. We did a figure study in class (which is one of my favorites things) with colored graphite. I loved how the highlights and shadows are shown with the sketchy lines of the graphite. I love this drawing, especially since hands are so freaking impossible to  draw! I still want to improve, but for now I’m happy with this one. (P.S. I took this picture outside and it was very cloudy and almost drizzling so ignore the little raindrops!)

Twice as Nice

Gwyneth Paltrow looks amazing here as she works her Jimmy Choo booties in both ensembles. Houndstooth is making a big comeback and the shape of the coat is so sixties (yet another trend). That pop of red is the perfect addition to the look. The second look is a Lanvin jersey dress which is draped beautifully on her amazing bod (does this sound like a girl crush?). While channeling the color blocking look, Gwyneth puts those Jimmy Choo’s to use again. Both outfits are way chic, yet the shoes make two different statements. Bravo, Paltrow.

Peter Pan in Pearls

Hello! I’ve been MIA since school started…so. much. work. But I have found time to do some vintage shopping. I bought this faded pearl collar over the weekend. I knew it was meant to be; it was 25% off! It ended up being $15. It’s kinda discolored, but I think that’s what gives it a cool antique-y vibe.  I was ecstatic. It was one of those purchases your really hesitant to commit to, but once you do you’re super excited. Plus, I love this Peter Pan-ish collar trend that’s emerging. Neck’s are very graceful and showing them off can look very sleek. I can’t wait to display my vintage find!

Perfectly Polished

I am falling in love with this revival of the classy, lady-like look. The loafers, collared shirts, everything screams chic and can be anyone’s go-to for a classic look. I got these shoes at Topshop in London, and, despite the price, they were the last pair so I had to seize the opportunity.

I can’t wait to wear them with the black, sheer silk blouse. And can you believe that it’s a brand new Etro top? (Yep, that’s the tag) $66! I got it from a high end consignment store where I live (Richmond, VA). I pretty much flipped out when I tried it on. It’s so incredibly soft and flowy and romantic. This is only the beginning of a closet of smart designer finds.

The dress is from River Island in London (I did some good shopping). I love how it has a collar, yet the gathers at the bottoms and asymmetrical hem give it a cool edge. Ah, I am anticipating fall way too much over here in the 95 degree heat. Can’t wait to look perfectly polished!