Perfectly Polished

I am falling in love with this revival of the classy, lady-like look. The loafers, collared shirts, everything screams chic and can be anyone’s go-to for a classic look. I got these shoes at Topshop in London, and, despite the price, they were the last pair so I had to seize the opportunity.

I can’t wait to wear them with the black, sheer silk blouse. And can you believe that it’s a brand new Etro top? (Yep, that’s the tag) $66! I got it from a high end consignment store where I live (Richmond, VA). I pretty much flipped out when I tried it on. It’s so incredibly soft and flowy and romantic. This is only the beginning of a closet of smart designer finds.

The dress is from River Island in London (I did some good shopping). I love how it has a collar, yet the gathers at the bottoms and asymmetrical hem give it a cool edge. Ah, I am anticipating fall way too much over here in the 95 degree heat. Can’t wait to look perfectly polished!


2 comments on “Perfectly Polished

  1. Superbeautiful! I wish that I had the blouse!! :)) I also love this look! 🙂

  2. typefashion says:

    Sheer blouses and loafers are my favs ! love this look 🙂


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