Stumbling Upon Perfection

I still remember flipping through the pages of my mom’s InStyle magazine a few years ago. I was casually admiring the famous faces and the beautiful clothes they had the privilege of sporting. As I glanced over what was just another glossy page, I saw it: the most glamorous evening ensemble I had ever seen.

The dark, side-swept bangs of the tall, slender woman hid confident, gazing eyes. This woman knew she was killing it. And I knew it too. Firstly, it was a jumpsuit. I had never seen one worn to a black-tie event in such a fashionable way. er effortless stance made it appear as an everyday look.  Secondly, the bodice was fitted and extremely flattering. Connected to it were sheer sleeves covered with dots which gave off subtle light. To me, the light appeared to be holy. Then I noticed the gorgeous draping of the pants. They fell in the most graceful places and were tapered to perfection.  And this woman didn’t forget about her feet. Her edgy, strappy sandals were the perfect compliment to the bold outfit. Lastly, the red lips read, “I’m fabulous,” and as I took in the medley of elegance, I was sold.

There are endless outfits that we can say we love. But there are even fewer that make our mouths drop and our fashion philosophy evolve. Liya Kedebe, the Ethiopian model donning this jumpsuit, made me stop and admire the stylish mix of all-black textures, the alluring effect of chic hair and makeup, and the subtle look-at-me vibe of a jumpsuit. I don’t know who designed the garment, but I do know that I will never forget this outfit.