Perfectly Asymmetrical

This is one of my favorite skirts ever. I was in London over the summer and had the privilege of going to the Topshop flagship store. It was the most gigantic store I had ever seen. I was in heaven, but it was almost overwhelming. As I was wandering through the racks admiring everything in sight, I spotted this little number. This cream asymmetrical skirt screamed at me, “we’re a perfect match!” Agreed.

My friend had a dinner party this weekend, and I went running to my closet to wear my Topshop treasure. I paired it with black tights, black wedge booties, and black sweater. In channeling the amazing Carrie Bradshaw, I went for bold accessories. I piled on some gold bracelets, a long strand of pearls, a vintage ring, and some huge (and heavy) gold earrings of my mom’s in the eighties. I do kind of wish I was wore my cheetah sweater with it to add something extra, but oh well. Wearing this skirt makes me so happy. I can’t wait to wear it more in the future!


One comment on “Perfectly Asymmetrical

  1. I’ll be in Oxford in a little less than a month & can’t wait to visit the Topshop flagship store. Your skirt is beautiful.

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