Peter Pan in Pearls

Hello! I’ve been MIA since school started…so. much. work. But I have found time to do some vintage shopping. I bought this faded pearl collar over the weekend. I knew it was meant to be; it was 25% off! It ended up being $15. It’s kinda discolored, but I think that’s what gives it a cool antique-y vibe.  I was ecstatic. It was one of those purchases your really hesitant to commit to, but once you do you’re super excited. Plus, I love this Peter Pan-ish collar trend that’s emerging. Neck’s are very graceful and showing them off can look very sleek. I can’t wait to display my vintage find!


Back to the 70s

Have you ever wondered what decade you’d go back to if you could time travel? For me, it’s hands down the seventies. I love the luxe fur and glamorous hair. Which is why this winter I can’t wait to wear one of my favorite coats of all time. I got this vintage 70s coat for Christmas when I was about 14 and didn’t know if I had reason to keep it. I followed my instincts because 1. it’s hard for me to let go of clothes and 2. I got a hunch I could wear it in the future. Turns out it was the smartest decision I ever made.


New Favorite App

So I stumbled across this app in the app store on my iPhone somehow, and I’m in love! It’s called Instagram and you can add cool, vintage-y effects to pictures and share them with other users. It’s like facebook and twitter combined with pictures! I may be totally late on this, but I had no idea this existed. So I’m informing other photography lovers that you need to get this app it’s free! Here are some photos I took (some on my trip to Europe this summer) with the filters.